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I believe our experiences shape us.

And when we can identify how it has shaped us, we can determine how it

has served us.  Only then can we serve others through our lessons learned

and our insights gleaned.


The first step is to be a willing participant.

Re-engage with all that has impacted you.


Showing up is half the battle.

And when you do, arm yourself with authenticity and vulnerability.

It give others permission to do the same.  When you radiate your whole self,

it cultivates true and deep connection.


In never saying never.

I never thought my father would get sick.

I never imagined it would take twelve years of his life.

I never thought I would be one of his caregivers. 

I never knew the true depth of my compassion.

I never considered there was purpose from my caregiving experience.

I never...until now.

And so it is.


I am equally a teacher and student of life. 

Our ability as human beings to help each other through our life's most difficult circumstances is our greatest asset.

And our stories are our tool in which to bind this connection. 


I can create a community of adult children who have been caregivers to their parent(s).

We can change the world. 

about me

In high school, I learned American Sign Language (ASL). Little did I know that ASL would give me a 'voice' to passionately express myself on any subject. It is a remarkably beautiful language and although known as a silent one, I felt my strongest, loudest voice when signing to others. 


I was offered the opportunity to marry my background in disabilities/ASL to the world of theatre through teaching adults with developmental disabilities. Theatre and ASL were tools I used in lesson planning to assist in the clarity of communication and expression so my students could be the finest contributors to society. They had a wealth of insight, intelligence and unique perspective that others could learn from as I did so deeply.  They were as much the educators as I was their teacher. 


My M.A. in Disability Studies allowed me a space where I could do my best to answer how I could make an impact as a leader in the field of disabilities. I have continued to evolve in this field and found various ways to find fulfillment as an educator and advocate.

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