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This Unexpected Role As A Caregiver                                         Into 

A Role Of A Lifetime.

I call this The Caregiving Effect.


A role of a lifetime

You are above all, a luminary.

How are you a luminary?  

Well, you have the power to influence, inspire and impact others just by sharing the wisdom you have accumulated from your caregiving experience. Yes, you have an amazing ability to infuse light into an often challenging and dark set of circumstances. You have a story. And the many adult children who are caring for their parents currently, or will one day, need YOU.

If you really think about it, you are one of the most adaptive human beings you know! You have been able to adjust and readjust to ever changing events. You show up. You said YES to taking care of your parent. Perhaps it was out of responsibility or duty. Maybe it was simply because your parent is one of the best people you have known and caring for them is one of the best ways to show them that they matter.

seek a connection with others who have been through caregiving.

You acknowledge you took on a caregiving role but have not wholly acknowledged the fortitude it took to endure this experience.


You have played many roles in your life thus far but being a caregiver for your parent has been the most unexpected.


You may feel like the term caregiver does not describe your experience fully. Perhaps you feel reluctant to label the role you played because it was more than just about administering care. You have embodied a companion, an advocate and a confidante.

You have been the primary caregiver, secondary caregiver, long distance caregiver or all three.


You unconditionally focused on your loved one and not yourself. Life may have felt like it was on "hold."


You have been through an experience that has changed your life. You've seen this as a private role but are ready to find meaning from it.  You realize you are ready to uncover your story and find the spirit in it. You owe that to yourself and recognize that you have a grand opportunity here: to help others.

I have been a caregiver and a witness to both of my parents as they moved through aging with illness.

I have been a learner, teacher, listener, facilitator and educator with this particular experience. I have also felt isolated in moving through the intricacies that accompany taking on a role such as this one. I am your new friend. And I am here to say: you are not alone. Your experience as a caregiver is a grand opportunity to serve a greater purpose. How? Well, this is where I come in. We will look at your caregiving story and uncover the underlying messages learned and wisdom gained. Then we'll discuss how this experience can be a transformative one. Think of me as your mentor, a.k.a story guide, and this process as your next big adventure.

Hi, I'm Priya!
I am above all,
someone who "gets it."

I believe our experiences shape us.

And when we can identify how it has shaped us, we can determine how it has served us.  Only then can we serve others through our lessons learned and our insights gleaned.

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About You

Family caregivers are navigating through the process of caregiving, some much earlier than anticipated. We have an important opportunity in that our experiences can be the legacy that inspires, teaches and fosters a connection and support to others. Let the ritual of story be the catalyst of transformation for yourself and the many others following in our footsteps.


My mission is to build a movement that encompasses the stories of family caregivers who have cared for family members due to aging, illness and/or disability for the purpose of healing, creating community, mentoring others and educating society on issues relating to this often hidden population of individuals.

 UNCOVER the truth and spirit of your story?
 DISCOVER the value that this caregiving role offered you?
 RECOVER the the untapped wisdom so you can be a mentor to others?



First Session

UNCOVER You In The Story. 

You will learn how your turning points have successsfully organized your life to meet your caregiving role.


​Second Session

DISCOVER Your Caregiving Story And Its Subtext.

You will delve deeper in the question: Does the caregiving experience write you or do you own it for all its worth?


Third Session

RECOVER A Purpose.

You will explore the purpose of being a mentor and how your caregiving experience is part of your legacy.



I will compassionately listen.

I will share more about me.

I will hold space for you to share more about you.

And we will create a community.

The sessions are designed to help you journey to a pathway of mentorship.

There is a story you tell yourself about your caregiving experience. It probably details the events and how they unfolded, the challenges and the emotional toll of the experience. Then there is the spirit of your story. It lies in the space between the words, in the underlying themes of your experience, in the wisdom gained and reveals the extraordinary revelations of your personal journey. It has the capacity to change the trajectory of your life and compel you into action. What do you do with all that you learn about yourself? You share it. Why? Because there are millions of adult-child caregivers in this country who need to hear a different story. They need to hear that this experience has shaped you and served you. And I think you need to hear that too.

MEN·TOR: a trusted advisor, friend and guide



Three 90-minute one-on-one phone or Skype sessions.


Homework: I will prepare you to unearth the fundamentals of yourself, your caregiving story and the value of being a mentor.


Back-end time: I will read and have thoughts ready of your work in advance of our sessions.


E-mail support between sessions.







Your story

and how it can serve as a mentorship tool.

First Session: Uncover YOU In The Story


Second Session: Discover Your Caregiving Story And Its Subtext


Third Session: Recover A Purpose


For more information: please check the YOUR STORY section. 


How this unexpected role as a caregiver became a role of a lifetime.

Interested in bringing me in to speak at one of your future events? I have been on stage for 10+ years as an actor and teacher. My talk can benefit anyone, those who have experienced caregiving and those who want to learn more. I can customize my talk to meet your event's needs.


Caregiving Effect

The aim of the project is to share how your unique caregiving experience has shaped you. If you'd like to submit a picture with caption, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Be a part of this movement.

Check out what these beautiful people are saying about working with me.

Priya has created a unique and powerful community and space to give voice to an experience that people often don't share.


There is healing power in hearing the stories of others, and in sharing your own story of being an adult caregiver.  I often found myself feeling like I had to tell the story of the person I was caring for, but that I couldn't actually share what I was feeling, thinking, or experiencing out of fear of judgment or that my needs just weren't as important.  In talking to Priya, I've realize the value of sharing my story, and have begun a journey of even deeper reflection and growth.


~ Emily
I have had the gift of exploring my experience of living and caring for a dying parent with Priya. Her insight and curiosity guided me deeper into my own story, illuminating the poetry and sacredness of deeply painful memories. 


I am grateful to have crossed paths with Priya. Her capacity for compassionate inquiry is vast and each time I have the pleasure of talking with her, I feel more transformed. The way in which Priya has encouraged me to tell my story has been deeply soothing. It is not common to be able to speak freely with people about the dying of a parent, but Priya is so intentional and present that even brief moments in conversation with her have lifted years of grief. I am excited for the unfolding of this movement as it is certain to lighten hearts, create connection and most certainly, offer healing. 


~ Lola 
Priya helped me gain clarity and grounding during a time when I felt alone dealing with a personal family issue.


My 63 year old father suddenly needed help when he lost his career due to a bipolar disorder outburst, and I didn't know where to begin.  I felt dis-empowered, lost, confused, angry, and completely overwhelmed like I needed to fix it all but didn't know where to start (and was it even my responsibility?).


After meeting Priya, however, and gaining her help through a one-on-one session, I was able to release my pent up anxiety and emotions in the safe space she provided; I was able to gain an objective and loving check back into reality and focus in on what I really needed; and then she allowed me to move forward with my own boundaries, power, and stamina intact. 


I hope any adult child of a parent who needs help finds their way to Priya so that she can offer the same loving, grounded, strong, and practical support she provides.


~ Colleen
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